gamma real piada


 ”Roll as much as you want, it does not break” is the claim of the launch campaign of the new range of wraps produced by STER. Real Piada combines the elasticity of tortilla with the taste and fragrance of piadina, a particular mixture, the result of a clever mix of tradition and innovation. Natural leavened doughs, worked with “hot press” technology to give the product the typical wraps elasticity. Only high quality ingredients and no preservatives added. Real Piada encloses all the taste of traditional piadina in an extremely rolled wrap, to be used in a practical and fast way for the preparation of unique dishes, snacks and delicious appetizers or simply to taste instead of bread. The range consists of four references: Real Piada Classica – Real Piada with Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Vegan Ok) – Whole Wheat Flour (Vegan Ok) and Spelt Flour (Vegan Ok – BIO).